Monday, May 30, 2011

After a week in paradise, reality & recovery...

So, the party's over... our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii is done, and it's back to real life...
Like piles and piles of laundry...
We came home to a huge pile of mail... there were some nice surprises in the pile: the lunchbag I won in a sweepstakes, a refund check, payment for some puzzle-proofing assignments, and some gift cards I had ordered from MyPoints, but there were a few bills and a bank statement showing a pretty low balance that brought me back to reality: it's time to get back to a very disciplined lifestyle, in many areas of life: eating, exercise, and spending! 

So, I guess I won't be getting a birthday present for our pet goldfish's 5th birthday... Sorry, Nemo! You'll have to settle for wearing my tiara for a while... (this is what we found when we got home... the girls gave Nemo the royal treatment for her birthday):

So, I'm working on a plan... just taking it day by day. For each day, I will have five goals:
  • To stick to healthy eating
  • To get in at least 30 minutes of exercise
  • To drink plenty of water (5 bottles)
  • To keep my purchases to the bare minimum... planning meals around what's in the freezer/pantry
  • To work on getting my Etsy shop open and stocked - working on a craft each day
Current Project: Granny Square Purses

I also want to develop my blog more. I have a few product reviews in mind, just need to find the time to fine-tune them!

June is right around the corner, so I'll start my new resolutions today, and carry them through the month of June. At the end of the month, I'm hoping I'll be able to say the following:
  • I'm back down to the lowest weight in more than 20 years
  • I don't wince when I look at the checkbook balance and worry if I can pay the bills
  • I have my Etsy store opened and I sold something! 
  • My blog made more than last month! (considering I made $8 in May, that shouldn't take much!)
I'm off to a good start! I uploaded about 200 pictures from the cruise to various photo sites and used up from credits I got for free prints, ended up paying $5 for the whole lot of them PLUS a personalized mug with some pictures from the trip... but don't tell Ron! It's a Father's Day gift! 

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