Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Day! May Day!

It seems like April flew right by! I didn't quite make it through my Penguin Pail for April, but that's okay, because I got a custom order that has been keeping me busy.

My focus for May will be Finish, Fotos and Fine-Tune. (It pains me to ignore the red squiggly line under Fotos... I know it should be Photos, but I wanted a three-point alliterative outline!)

My custom order of a Texas Horned Toad stuffed animal. It has been a challenge, with all the bumps!
Finishing up the body

A Fireman doll, to be donated as a raffle prize for my June 10th craft show (doll is done, need to make his clothes)

My Farm Play Mat (1 square of 4 is done)
The One and Two Company Crochet-Along project  ( Ollie the Owl Pillow ) - DONE

I would like to have a full-color catalog of my 330+ finished items for my craft show on June 10th. In order to do that, I need to sort through box after box of inventory, arranging items by category, and, on a nice sunny day, get pictures of them on a nice clean white background. Getting all the factors together (time, camera with charged batteries, sunny day) is the biggest challenge! I managed to get my collection of baby dolls photographed over the weekend.
Medium Baby dolls, in the $8 - $15 range
Large Baby Dolls - $25 each
So, of the 330 lines in my inventory spreadsheet, I have about 40 photographed and ready to catalog. (Photography done, inventory organized!)

  • I would like to get 125 items listed in my Etsy shop this month. (37 done) My latest listing - Happy Honeybee

  • I have recently purchased two boxes of yarn from garage sales. Right now much of it is sitting next to my chair. I need to tidy up the area! DONE!
  • My daughter is coming home from college at the end of May. Craft show inventory currently stored in her room needs to find a new home. DONE! 
  • I've been working on building healthy habits, like getting 10,000 steps and sticking to my daily calorie allotment, taking my vitamins and getting enough sleep. I made a chart in my bullet journal, hoping to see lots of check marks at the end of the month!