Sunday, March 1, 2015

The March of the Penguin's Pail

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

So, February wasn't a very good month for meeting goals. I only finished 15 projects, using about 4-1/2 pounds of yarn...about one-third that of January.

March is going to be crazy... three craft shows, including a new one for me, a Mommy Expo that promises to have THOUSANDS of customers. Yikes! (Didn't  go well, only 6 customer purchases.)

In light of that, I don't really plan on a lot of new projects. Just finishing up what I have going, working on a few custom orders, and making some best-seller items.

So, here is the basic list. Let's see how fast I can fill it up with pictures!

1. Mermaid Tail Lapghan (in progress)
Using this pattern

My color scheme
2. Finish Baby Dino - I ended up frogging this (rippit, rippit), to use the yarn for another project - since I couldn't find a matching blue yarn for the Thomas the Tank Engine I started, despite visiting Joanne's, A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby.

3. Minion Hat (best seller)

4. Minion Gloves (best seller)


5. Minion Scarf (best seller)

Is a Ninja Turtle scarf close enough?

6. Finish Rainbow Monkey
Using this picture as a guideline

7. Monster Pants - make a new pair - or, if you're having so much fun with the crochet pattern, make two... or three.

8. Thomas the Tank Engine stuffed toy (custom order)

Sunday 3/15 - about half the pieces  done

Thomas finished 3/27
My Penguin Pail plans changed when I got a second order for Thomas the Tank Engine... for Easter. Everything else went into the "work on it later" basket!

9. Elephant (custom order)

Okay, nine items... ready, set, GO!

10. Basketball baby hat for Coach & his wife (at left in picture), expecting their first baby in August.In his second year of coaching the girls' team, we are league champions for the first time in about ten years. My daughter is one of the captains holding up the trophy (#14 on the right).

Getting started as soon as I find the end.

Finished . ...about an hour before the banquet