Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penguin Cup Cozy

Since my craft business is named "Penguin Place" (my Facebook shop is actually 1PenguinPlace because Penguin Place is a real penguin conservatory), I figured I really should have a penguin cup cozy to put on my coffee cup when I'm doing craft shows.

I worked up this pattern at my last show. Enjoy!

Penguin Cup Cozy
Size H crochet hook
Black worsted weight yarn (less than 1 oz)
Small amounts of white and orange yarn

With black yarn, make a foundation HDC of 32 stitches (You could also chain 34 and then do a HDC in the third stitch from hook and each chain, but I think that a foundation HDC gives more elasticity to your beginning row. If you don't know how to do foundation HDC, you can google it and find tutorials). Slip stitch in top of beginning stitch to join. Use the tail from the beginning of your chain to join at bottom of stitch also.

Row 1-11:
*HDC in first stitch, HDC around front post of next stitch* repeat around.

Alternating HDC with a front post HDC gives you a ribbed look.

With white, make a magic ring.
Chain 4, 12 Treble Crochet in ring. Pull tight, but don't join.
Work 5 DC around the post of the last Treble Crochet worked. Slip stitch in center. 5 DC in the chain 4 you began with. Slip stitch at top of chain 4. This makes two semi-circles at the top of your large semi-circle. Now you have a heart-shaped face.

With black yarn, embroider small dots for eyes.

With orange yarn, embroider a triangle for the beak.

Attach orange yarn about 2 stitches off-center. SC in 4 stitches. Chain 1, turn.
SC in 4 stitches. Chain 3, turn.
Slip stitch in second stitch.* Chain 3, slip stitch in next stitch.* Repeat to end of row. End off.

Repeat on other side, starting 6 stitches off center (that way, when you do your 4 SC, you end up with two blank stitches in the center between the flippers).

Weave in yarn ends and enjoy. The Penguin Cozy will protect your hand from too-hot coffee... but he prefers to protect you from chilly hands when you enjoy an Iced Coffee!

Rainbow Sock Monkey hat for AG Doll

Somebody asked once "Why do you crochet?"

Jokingly, I said "Self-preservation! I need to make things to keep the yarn from taking over the house, and I need to sell my crochet items to pay for my yarn addiction." I have a tendency to be a bit of a hoarder, so if I'm not careful, my projects can overrun the house.

This week, in an effort to keep things tidier, I went out and bought myself a little table with 3 drawers. $17.99 at Ollie's.
I moved stuff from all around my chair into the drawers. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are in the bottom drawer. Buttons, various gadgets like pom-pom makers and measuring tapes are in the second drawer, and the entire top drawer is filled with small balls of yarn. When I first filled it, it was hard to get the drawer in and out, since it was overfilled. I needed to use up some yarn!

So... that got me on a stash-busting mission. I was watching a movie with my daughter (Grace Unplugged - great movie - I recommend it!), so I pulled out some bright colors, got Kit out for some measurements, and before the movie was over, Kit was sporting a new Rainbow Sock Monkey Hat! Now I'm working on the girl version... hopefully that will be ready in a day or two.

Rainbow Sock Monkey Hat / Doll Version

Uses Size H hook
Less than 1 ounce total yarn.
I had balls of yarn about the size of a large egg and still had yarn left over at the end.
2 small black button
white thread
yarn needle

Round 1: With Pink - make 6 HDC in magic ring. Pull tight, join.(6 stitches)
Note: you join each round, and start with either a chain two or initial half double crochet
Round 2: With Yellow, 2 hdc in each stitch (12 stitches)
Round 3: With Green, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc* repeat around (18 stitches)
Round 4: With Blue, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc in next two stitches*, repeat around (24 stitches)
Round 5: With Purple, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc in next three stitches*, repeat around (30 stitches)
Rounds 6 - 11: With Gray, work even in hdc.(Don't end off... you'll start one earflap now)
First earflap: Turn, hdc in next six stitches.
Second earflap row:
HDC decrease over first two stitches, hdc in next two stitches, HDC decrease over last two stitches
Third earflap row:
HDC decrease over first two stitches, HDC decrease over last two stitches
Fourth earflap row:
HDC decrease over two stitches. End off.
Fold hat in half and mark off 3 stitches on either side of the fold. Work the other earflap on those 6 stitches.

With pink, work a SC in each stitch around, doing 3 SC  at the point of the earflap.

Cut a 24" length of each of the rainbow colors (pink, yellow, green, blue, purple) and pull through point of earflap. Fold over double and braid. Repeat with other earflap.

Chain 5 with white. SC in second stitch and next three stitches. 3 SC in next stitch. Rotate work and do 3 SC in the other side of the starting chain. End with two SC in same chain as beginning SC. End off, leaving a long tail to sew on.

With a double strand of pink, embroider smile.

Ears (make two)
With Gray, make magic ring. Chain 3 and make 10 DC in ring. Pull right, but do not join. End off, leaving long chain to sew on.

Sew ears to side of hat at the top 3 rows of gray.

Sew mouth to hat at the center front, close to the bottom

Using white thread and an X pattern, sew buttons over mouth, set closely together.