Thursday, February 25, 2016

Yes, I'm still here!

Wow, it's been a while since I posted!

I took a break from Penguin Pails and just focused on finishing up special orders in the past two months. There were some challenging orders:

Baby Dinosaur for order

I got a picture of a dinosaur stuffed animal and was asked if I could make it. There wasn't a pattern that I could tell. Google image searches on the pattern only turned up results in a foreign language (maybe Portuguese?) So I did a lot of measuring and experimenting and came up with the dinosaur above.
I got an order for a Dr. Who scarf, with a link to the official BBC pattern. 19 feet long... 50 stripes...912 rows. That took a while! 
Also got an order for another Mike Wazowski. He was fun to make! Love those big, floppy arms and legs!
One dinosaur led to another... when I posted pictures of one dinosaur I made, I got an order for another one!
Once the orders died down, I decided to try a new project, just for fun... I pulled out some fun fur yarn and started making hedgehogs!

Once the fun fur ran out, I tried something even more fun... using up yarn scraps!

Hedgehog for fun! 

 All of the hedgehogs are listed for sale in my Storenvy Shop: Penguin Place Crafts. In fact, I have over 200 ready-to-ship items listed there!

So now I am finishing up a few WIP (works in progress) and gearing up for a couple of spring craft shows. Once I see what's selling and what I need to restock, the Penguin Pail may be back...

Happy Crafting!