Thursday, November 3, 2016

November: A New Focus

My lists of items to make in October just kept getting bumped by orders. That's a good thing. Orders are good! At this point, I have orders for 9 items. The orders came from various sources...craft shows, a Facebook craft group, my Facebook page... but when I total up all the orders, if I considered them one "craft show", it would be #4 in sales over all the 44 shows I've done in the past four years. I hope that this trend continues, and my focus can switch more from guessing on what will sell, to making specific items for customers.

So, in the month of November, my primary focus is going to be finishing orders! I realize that at my remaining three craft shows, I may get some more custom orders! Rather than randomly making items that I think will sell (like the 8 pumpkin pie slice tissue holders I had ready for last week's show?), I will plug away at orders. 

In my "spare time", I also want to get a bit more organized... getting some yarn put away, rather than having it sit in bags in the craft room (DONE). Organizing my patterns a little better. (I think the Big Head Baby Dolls, their accessories and various design ideas need their own notebook!) Sorting through the hats and scarves that just aren't selling and making arrangements to get them to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Downsizing and focusing on what's working. 

That being said, I still am not stepping away from my September challenge to finish off that bag of yarn! There are still four skeins of fuzzy, furry yarn that are calling to be made into hedgehogs or some other cuddly critter! 

So, let's see how much I can accomplish from this list in November! 

1. Thomas the Tank Engine Hat & Scarf set
Done, now to work on new order of matching mittens!

2. Set of two purple and red mini sock monkeys
Done, customer very happy! 

3. Moose 1

4. Moose 2- done

5. Moose 3 - Done! 

6. Dragon Scale gloves - shades of blue - done

7. Dragon Scale gloves - green and white 

8. Gray Fun Fur project 

9. Blue Fun Fur Project- done!

10. Whirlagig yarn project
Chubs used up most of the skein of Whirlagig yarn.

This guy used up the rest.
11. Modea yarn project
Finished Modea yarn and started Whirlagig with "Mo"

12. Purple fun fur project - DONE
Just a little purple left after finishing this guy! 
And a little troll (still needs arms/legs) finished off the purple! 

Only twelve projects... in 30 days. I may not finish, but I'll give it a try! 

11/6/16 - 3 down, 9 to go! 

11/18 Update - 7 down, 5 to go! Over halfway done! 

11/22 - Thanks to staying home on a snowy day off, I only have two projects on this list yet to finish. I do have two projects added, though: 

13. Mike Wazowski doll for December 3rd craft show - DONE

14. Snowman doll from One and Two Company pattern for November Crochet-Along contest (for free patterns) - Done

So, 10 down, 14 to go, with 8 days left in the month. Can be done... definitely! Unless the custom order link for Hedgehogs I just put on Etsy blows up and I go into full-scale hedgehog-making mode! 
Custom Hedgehog Listing

11/27 Update: 
I have the feet/legs and one arm/hand done for the Mike Wazowski doll. I should be able to finish him up today or tomorrow. Maybe one more punky doll to use up the purple fun fur, and then I will ace this month's list! Then it's on to custom orders for FIVE moose! Very thankful for those custom orders!