Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March of the Penguin 2017

February flew right by. I did pretty well with my February goals, so I'm looking forward to bashing this March list to pieces! It's a varied and ambitious list! Things may be bumped, though, as I have two craft shows in March, and custom orders will jump to the top of my priority list!

1. DONE Finish the woodland-colored Hooded Owl Blanket I'm working on
                     3/1 Status: 32 of 44" of blanket done
             Finished 3/11

2. Test my pattern for the smaller sized bunny
3. DONE Finish Island Playset ocean base
4. DONE -Stick to yarn diet (stash beginning point 544 entries, 169.3 pounds)
(While I am telling myself NOT to purchase any yarn, I may be receiving another substantial yarn gift... so I'm not making any promises about diminishing size of my stash, knowing I may not be able to keep them!)
One large box and two bags of yarn to be inventoried, sorted into totes, and enjoyed! 
(once yarn was inventoried, my stash grew to 590 entries, 188.2 pounds)

5. Fill a Ziploc bag with scrap yarn and do a "finish it off" challenge (bag filled, let the challenge begin!) - DONE
Scrap bag ready to go! 27 ounces of scrap yarn!

Another doll finished off some scrap yarn

Scrap Yarn is down about 5 ounces, many thanks to Sir William the Wild!

About a dozen scrap projects completed (catnip toys not pictured), down to 12 ounces of yarn (3/11)

3/14 update on the scrap yarn challenge: down to 5.8 ounces, 15 projects completed!

3/20 - 20 projects completed, down to 2 ounces... almost done!

3/24 - Finished up the bag of yarn the night before my craft show, so I took this late-night flash picture, just in case I sold some of the items the next day. The snake on the left and the Ninja Turtle sold, and I used the Bills Fan (red, white and blue hair) as a door prize donation.

6. Make Max the Rhino (pattern I purchased, but didn't make!) (Max is getting bumped by a custom order for a Poppy the Troll doll, started 3/29)

7. Participate in the One and Two Company CAL for March (Felix the Dragon) DONE

8. Try making a felted bowl - DONE

9. DONE Do a weekly WIP Wednesday picture (shared on my Facebook page and Instagram) and participate in blog link-ups at least two times a week.
3/1 WIP Wednesday Pic. Owl Blanket, Ninja Turtle, Island Playset base

3/8 WIP Wednesday Pic - Almost done with both projects!

Here is one of the Blog Link-ups I participate in. And here is another!

3/22 WIP - Just one WIP. All the parts to Felix Dragon are done, just need to be sewn together! 

3/29 WIP - Actually, when I took the picture, I didn't have any projects on the hook, but I figured a picture of an empty chair would be boring, so I pulled a skein of yarn and the pattern for the project to be started after work! 

3/29 WIP Wednesday

10. DONE Complete at least 9 of the items on my "100 Rabbit Trails" list. Since #1 and #6 are on there, and #5 will certainly knock a few off, I think 9 items is attainable!
       1. TMNT Big Head Baby Doll (34)  2. Hedgehog (1)  3. Striped Snake (92)  4. Catnip Mice (96) 5. Woodland colors Hooded Owl Blanket (23), 6. Island Playset  (24) (base done), 7. Pink Dress BHBD (well, it was a bunny, and the pink part was her slip...) (40), 8. Farmer BHBD (42)... was a gift, so can't put a picture up yet. 9. Tiny Striped Turtle (91)
Used variegated yarn to make a tiny "striped" turtle #91
Hedgehog (#1) used up a lot of yarn scraps!
#34 - TMNT Big Head Baby Doll