Sunday, May 8, 2011

Earning Points for Gift Cards!

I’m always looking for ways to help out with the family budget. I figure “every little bit helps,” so I make sure I take back my pop bottles for the 5-cent deposit, I faithfully clip coupons and check through the sales ads for local stores,  I try to make cute craft items to sell online, and put stuff we don’t need any more on ebay, etc. It all adds up. It won’t ever make me rich, but we have some wiggle room to splurge once in a while.
One way I earn some money is through the MyPoints program. I’ve been a member since 1999. It’s an online program where you get points for viewing ads, taking surveys, joining online programs, etc. For instance, they might send me an e-mail with an advertisement for Office Max. If I click on the ad, I get 5 points. If I make a purchase at OfficeMax while I’m there, I might earn 100 points on a $50 purchase, 150 points on a $100 purchase, etc. MyPoints sends me e-mails with links to and, and I get ten points per coupon that I redeem from those sites, plus a 25-point bonus for each calendar month when I redeem ten coupons. There are loads of websites that offer points per dollar spent when you shop online.
Five points (about 3.5 cents) here and five points there for clicking through e-mails. A hundred points or so a month for redeeming coupons. Fifty points for a survey, a hundred for those gifts I picked up online. It all adds up!
What can I do with those points? I can turn them in for gift cards. Right now, a $25 gift card runs about 3750 points. I tend to just let my points accumulate for a year or so, and then I find out that I have enough points a couple of $50 cards. Boy, it is nice to get $100 in the mail!
If you’d like to give MyPoints a try, please click on this link below. I get points for referrals, too!

My Points Program  <<-- Click here to get started!

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