Thursday, October 1, 2015

The October Penguin Pail

Well, I didn’t do very well in September… finished 7 of 12 items on my to-do list. 

"Of Mice and Monsters"
So, it is October… Two craft shows (17th and 24th). Two outstanding orders on the hook now. Three other “if you make this, I would buy it” projects. Two pages of design ideas in my notebook. I need to make definite goals so that I don’t get overwhelmed!

(1) Finish “Of Mice and Monsters” custom order (15 small critters for birthday part treat bags) - DONE! I made some extra so the mom would have a choice.
(2)Finish spider (picked back up 10/29/15)
Making progress... just needs legs!

(3)Finish hammerhead shark - got all the pieces done on 10/24, just need to get it all sewn together and adjust the tail fin a bit.


(4) Turn one of my rough drawings into a new design - DONE
Got an order for a purple pig... so made it up as I went along.
(5) Make two more motifs for stained glass hood
(6) Make four owl motifs for blanket
(7) Cast on baby blanket with Italia yarn - DONE - I did a "Crazy Cat Lady" display for our church's Trunk or Treat for Halloween, and I took my knitting along!

 October 18 Update - Well, the bad news is that I am not making much progress at all on this list.

The good news is, the reason I'm not making good progress on the list is because I'm getting so many custom orders. 
Made up this cow for a custom order and got an order for another one with a matching pig!

I got orders for two matching monster hats to look like a monster toy I made.
And another custom order... for a Pig Monkey! 

10/22 - I'm back to working on the Hammerhead shark in the evenings, have about 3 hours of work left on it. I've started work on another custom order in my to-go bag. 

October 27 update - Now that I've finished the shark blanket, I just might get my Penguin Pail accomplished after all... I still have some custom orders to work on, but the few items remaining on the Penguin Pail shouldn't take all that long...
Another custom order... a Snowman Basket