Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's never too late to start afresh!

Wow, June 30th. The year is half over. I decided to look some things up and see how I'm doing so far this year...
  • Financially: well, the checking account is about the same as it was at the beginning of the year, so I guess we're doing okay there.
  • Physically: I'm 15 pounds heavier than when I started the year. Not good. Not good at all.
  • Spiritually: You know, I realized that I didn't set any spiritual goals this year. I didn't pledge to read through the Bible in a year, or memorize verses or read some hefty tomes of hermaneutics. I'm thinking maybe I should have!
  • Organizationally: I feel like I'm making progress. I've wrapped up some long-term projects that have been on my to-do list for ages. I still have a few lingering projects, but I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as I was at the beginning of the year!
So, with the second half of the year at my doorstep, it's time to turn things around. The recipe contest is over, so I won't be churning out treats like Pumpkin Streusel muffins and gluten-free Monkey Bread. Once I get past this weekend, my work schedule will lighten up a bit (the end of the month is always hectic with the church newsletter going out).

Love Food and Live Well: Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Taste Life at Its Very BestFor me, July is going to be a fresh start. I'm starting out the month reading a new book, "Love Food & Live Well" by Chantel Hobbs. I got it from the "Blogging for Books" program (I love getting free books) and so far, I'm really identifying with a lot of what she's saying. I almost cried at her story of not being able to buckle her seatbelt on an airplane. I remember when I'd lost 40 pounds from my highest, and tried to go on the Superman ride at Darien Lake. The seatbelt wouldn't buckle, so I had to get off the ride, after waiting in line for more than half an hour! I should be done reading the book within a few days, and will put up a book review blog.

My July Plan:
Get back to walking on a daily basis, and jogging a few times a week - get in at least 50 miles over the course of the month

Return to "clean eating" with only one cheat day per week

Get back to doing the daily assignments in the book "The Beck Diet Solution"

Have the long-time items on my to-do list (like opening an Etsy shop) crossed off

Get in at least 10 kettlebell workouts over the course of the month

Get back to posting in the Livefit Revolution forum on a daily basis (I need the encouragement from my friends there, and the accountability)

Now I need to go make myself a chart to plot my progress... I like checking off accomplishments!

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