Friday, July 1, 2011

So far, so good!

It's 5 PM... I'm tired, stressed out and hungry, but I've stuck to my plan today. I had a healthy breakfast, only ate the on-plan foods that I brought to work with me, and drank plenty of water. As I'm typing this, the ice cream truck is driving by, and although I'm cringing at the distorted tones of The Entertainer, I'm not running out to buy a treat. (Well, the fact that I only have about 45 cents in change in my purse might have something to do with it...)

Before work, I got in a good workout by taking a 2-mile walk with Bob Harper and a bunch of former Biggest Loser contestants, including one of my favorites, SunShine Hampton.

I think the Biggest Loser Power Walk DVD is one of my favorite "walk inside" workouts. It starts out with Bob leading you through a one-mile walk. It may be only a mile, but it's tough. He throws in arm movements and jogging and really gets your heart rate up.

The second mile is led by Sione. He leads you through a series of exercises with weights in your hands. I did it with 5-pound dumbbells, and I was sure glad when he said it was time to put them down!

Bob is back for mile 3, which is a bit more intense than the first mile, and then Tara wraps it up for mile 4, doing some exercises with a weighted exercise ball. I use my smallest kettlebell, and it is tough to get through all the exercises!

The neat thing about the DVD is that there is a "marathon tracker" where you can keep track of your miles, and do a marathon over the course of a month.

2 miles down for me... 24 to go!

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