Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking back to 2010, Looking forward to 2011

2010 was a year of milestones and changes for me. In the fall of 2009, I finally admitted that I hadn't gained back "a little weight," I had gained back almost all of the 70 pounds I had lost before. I was back to within ten pounds of my heaviest. I started my recent weight loss journey on December 1, 2009, shortly after watching the 2009 Biggest Loser "Where Are They Now" special. Erik Chopin's struggles with gaining weight back really struck a chord with me.

Another eye-opener for me was seeing a picture taken of me at a bridal shower in August. When I was getting dressed for the shower, I remember looking in the mirror straight on and thinking I looked pretty slim in my outfit. Someone took a picture of me from the side, though... the worst possible angle, since I carry a great deal of my weight in my belly. Here's that eye-opening picture, plus an after shot taken in the summer of 2010:
So, I started 2010 with a resolve to lose weight and get healthy. It was slow-going at first. By April, I'd only managed to take off twenty pounds. Then I saw a post on Facebook by former Biggest Loser contestant Shay Sorrells, saying that her trainer in CA was starting a free program for people across the country, with free on-line workout videos and free nutrition guidance. I signed up for LiveFit Revolution and started on April 19th. The kettlebell workouts were tough - my family chuckled at my workout wear, as I would often wrap a bandana around my forehead to catch some of the sweat that would drip down my face! The nutrition plan was strict, especially in the first 6 weeks (a detox plan), but I stuck with it, and lost weight week after week.

Another milestone was that I finished going through the Couch to 5K training program, and got to the point where I could jog a 5K without stopping... a very slow jog on a totally flat surface (the church gym). Once I got out in the real world to run a 5K in July, I found that the hills and humidity made things a bit more difficult! I had a time of 46:08 in my first 5K, and helped to organize a Turkey Trot for our church in November. I ran/walked that one in 41:33. Next time, I'm getting into the 30s with my time!

Right after the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. I ran with a penguin hat and Scooby-Doo gloves!

Another milestone for 2010: I started riding my bike again, maybe the first time in 15 or 20 years? We discovered a beautiful 4-mile bike trail only a ten-minute drive from our house, so we started doing family bike rides each weekend - at least 8 miles! I admit, after the first ride, it hurt to sit down for several days. Before the next ride, I went out and got myself a pair of padded bike shorts!

Toward the end of summer, I got into a "Tiara Challenge" - where we named a milestone we wanted to reach. The prize was a sparkly pink tiara. My milestone was fitting into a pair of size 14 jeans. In early November, I decided to try them on, and was delighted to find out they fit!
Proudly wearing my tiara - and the t-shirt I made for the LiveFit weekend in Philadelphia.

Oh, that's another milestone! In mid-November, my youngest daughter Bethany and I took a train down to Philadelphia to meet up with a bunch of other people from LiveFit Revolution and the founders of LiveFit, Alysia Gadson and Jason Lily. It was a great weekend, with a group dinner on Saturday (with all on-plan food!), a kettlebell workout with Alysia, and a cardio challenge on the steps of the Philly Art Museum (the "Rocky Stairs"). If you told me at the beginning of 2010 that I would spend an hour running up and down stairs and not collapse into a heap, I probably would have laughed. I have definitely made progress this year!

My progress in 2010 motivates me to make lofty resolutions for 2011. I still have about 32 pounds to go to reach my weight loss goal. I want to hit that goal in 2011, preferably before May 20th, when Ron & I leave for our 25th Anniversary trip! I also want to finish the Wilson Wet n Wild Triathlon at the end of July: a 600-yard swim, 20-mile bike ride, and 5K trail run. Right now, I'm working on getting in ten miles per week jogging/walking and 10 miles on my exercise bike. Hopefully I can find a place soon to get in some swimming!

Look out, 2011! Here comes the Penguin!

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  1. Great pics. The changes an nothing short of amazing Elaine!!