Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting over the "Don't Wannas"

Sometimes life gets in the way of resolutions. Yesterday was a good example. I planned on donning my running shoes and getting some laps in around the gym after work. Things got busy and I had to put in some extra time at work. I barely got home in time to make dinner, eat, and get back to church for our mid-week service. Today was another crazy day, staying at work an hour late and coming home feeling frazzled.

After dinner tonight, I was sitting on the floor in front of the woodstove, wrapped in a fleece blanket. It was only 14 degrees out today and I just felt like I couldn’t get warm all day. Every time somebody came into the building at work, the cold seemed to blow right in. All I wanted to do was curl up in my nice fleece blanket and take a nap.

I complained to my family that I was cold, and my daughter said, “Get up and do a workout video. That will warm you up in a hurry.” My first response was "I don't wanna exercise! I don't wanna!" Don't you hate it when you know the kids are right? Exercise was just the right prescription for what was ailing me!

It took a while to get the DVD going. LOL, I’m a Mom. I started over to the cabinet to get the DVD and saw an empty coffee mug. I took that out to the kitchen and ended up emptying and refilling the dishwasher. I went back to the bedroom to change into sweatpants and ended up putting away a pile of laundry.  I went looking for my sneakers and couldn’t find them. I remembered that they were in the car from my failed attempt at running laps yesterday. I went out to the garage (stopping in the kitchen to collect the stuff for the recycling bin), only to realize that my daughter had my car for the night. Oops, time to break out the sneakers I got for Christmas!

I found a 4-mile walking DVD that I’d never done before. My oldest daughter joined me for part of it, which made it more fun. When the hour-long workout was over, I was definitely warmed up, I was in a better mood, and I felt good about keeping up with my resolutions for the week.
Getting intense with some knee lifts

Sometimes it’s hard to pry yourself off the couch and get moving, but you feel so good afterwards!

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