Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Project Bucket List

Starting out 2015 by getting organized, making a new project list. Think I can finish up these ten projects in January?

Pictures will follow as I finish them.

1. Ben's gift... Belated birthday gift. It's a dishcloth with a steaming mug and "Must Have Coffee". He likes it!

2. Penguin scarf... Custom order - about 20% done

Monday Night. 25" = 40% done
Finished 10:15 PM, January 31st. Almost 5 feet long!

3. Furby...because it's cute. Well, I started out making a Furby, but got frustrated with making the eyes and decided to make it an owl. It turned out so well that it's already sold!

4. Mini Minion doll... One of my best sellers - DONE - added a new design... Octo-Minion!

5. Fox hood... Hoping this will be a new best seller  - Done!

6. Penguin Hat... Because it's something Penguin! - DONE

7. Mama Bear Hat... Custom order -

8. Striped scrap yarn project - DONE

9. Purple giraffe... Started 1/12 - Finished 1/18

10. Yellow and brown giraffe... DONE To give a customer a choice of natural or fun giraffe
See that pile of leftover scrap yarn? I couldn't resist... I made a Kooky Owl.

This is what I ended up with from all those little balls of yarn.


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