Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pages and pages of adorable stuff!

As I work on promoting my Penguin Place Shop, I have been sharing products through various link-ups. The way that it works is that each crafter shares 2 or 3 of their items, and all of the items show up in clickable form on the blog.

Here's an example: Handmade Mania on the Kiser Krafts website. I was honored to have one of my products, Neon Leon, be selected for a "staff pick" last week!

There are so many wonderful products in theses assortments: stuffed animals, soaps, yarn, jewelry, wall art, clothing & accessories!

Here's another page of homemade goodies: Daft Craft Happy Homemade - 

I think my favorite item in Happy Homemade this week is the Designer Heart Soaps From Sudzy Bums. That shop has the most tempting collection of handmade soaps I've ever seen!

So, take a few minutes to click on the links and check out some of the neat stuff! And if you're a crafter with an online shop, go ahead and add your own links! The more, the merrier!

Happy Shopping!

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