Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Filling the "Penguin Pail"

In 2014, I did a pattern bucket list. I think I started in July, with 25 items, and it took me a few months to finish.

For 2015, I want to do a monthly bucket list of ten items. I'm calling it "The Penguin Pail." I am nearly done with my January list, so it's time to start thinking about my February list. With five days left to go in January, I have completed 36 projects, using over 11 pounds of yarn. I have only have three projects going at the time (a bit low for me), because I'm focusing on getting stuff done!

So, back to the Penguin Pail.

A few of the spots are already spoken for... my youngest daughter asked me to make her a pair of bulky knit mittens. Since she is (almost) always a willing model for my wearables, when she makes a request, I try to honor it ASAP.

I also have had two "if you make it, I will buy it" comments on Monster Pants, so they're definitely on the list.

And, I got a book of Amish Puzzle Animals for Christmas, so a Dinosaur Puzzle Ball is on there.

Oh, and I have been challenging myself to do a "giraffe of the month club", so I will make another Striped Giraffe. I'm thinking a tan/blue "beach colors" combination, so I can call the giraffe "Sandy".

So, four spots are taken... six are open. Here is a list of some of the projects I'm considering. I will have a vote going on my Facebook Page if you'd like to chime in. You can vote on an item from this list, or suggest a new project!

Snowman Doll (Olaf)
Snowman Fingerless Gloves
Two-Strand Boot Cuffs
Tiger Hooded Cowl (design idea)
Mini Monster
Baby Dragon
Baby Cupcake Mittens
Penguin Scarf (made from a picture shared with me)
Horse Scarf (made from a picture shared with me)
Penguin stuffed animal
Elephant stuffed animal
Unicorn stuffed animal
Puppy Hat
Fancy Owl stuffed animal

Is there a project listed you would love to see finished? Or one you'd like to suggest? Head on over to Penguin Place on Facebook and vote! 

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