Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Goals - How did I do?

Here it is, the last day of December. Time to check in on how well I did with December goals:

Progress Report:
1) 31 days / no yarn purchase DONE! 

2) Orders Hat  Hat  Scarf  Cup Cozy  Finished other custom orders that came in, but didn't get started on the scarf. The customer said, "Whenever", so I kept pushing it down the priority list.

3) Listing items... DONE!

4) 2 Big Ticket Items Done!

5) Stalled WIP  (still need to work on this) DONE! - Finished a scarf that I started back in July!

I set some goals for 2015, regarding sales, clearing out my yarn stash, and trying new things. Hopefully there will be at least 8 new patterns on my blog in 2015, as I develop the ideas I have on paper.

I had fun with the bucket list idea last year... so I definitely plan on doing that again!

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