Sunday, February 1, 2015

February's Penguin Pail

I finished up my January Penguin Pail at 10:15 last night, so today I get to start on some new projects! Here are some stats for January:
39 projects finished
12 pounds, 2.5 ounces yarn used
(which is almost exactly the same amount of yarn that I purchased or was gifted)
2 personal sales
3 online sales
1 craft show
1,289 blog views
719 visits to my Storenvy Shop
Got up to 104 followers on Facebook

Here is the basic list - I went up to 11 due to an order at yesterday's craft show. I will update with pictures as I complete items.

1. Gray Bulky Mittens (request from my daughter)

2. Amish Puzzle Ball - Dinosaur
    Pattern Link for DInosaur Puzzle Ball

3. Monster Pants - Started Friday, 2/20, Finished Wednesday 2/25
   Monster Pants Pattern

Just need to tuck in yarn ends, add the drawstring, and some teeth!

4. Striped Giraffe
    pattern for giraffe
Finished 2/4/15

5. Baby Dragon - Started 2/15 & stalled
  Baby Dragon Pattern

6. Baby Cupcake Hands
    Pattern link for baby cupcake hands

7. Fancy Owl
Fancy Owl Pattern

8. Tiger Cowl - design project

9. Olaf doll
    Pattern for Olaf

10. Mouse Cowl - design project
Finished 2/15

11. Minion gloves (order from yesterday's craft Show)

February 22 Update: 
Wow, February has been busy. I got a few special orders that bumped work on my Penguin Pail, so here I am with only 6 days left in the month, and less than half the items on my list finished. Oh, well, I guess I have a head start on my March list!

End of the month report: 
Only finished 5 of 11, due to a busy month and special orders.
1 personal sale (down 1 from last month)
4 online sales (up 1 from last month)
1 craft show (25% more in sales than the January show)
719 Blog views (down from last month)
390 Visits to my Storenvy Shop (about half of January)
109 Followers on Facebook (up 5)

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