Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm starting 2018 on the right foot... 

  • I lost over 40 pounds in 2017. Still have a ways to go, but feeling much better! 
  • I feel like I'm better organized than ever.
  • I caught up on orders and presents by the end of 2017 (with less than an hour to spare)

The weekly goals of my December post really helped, so I'm playing with that again for January... with a twist... adding daily and monthly goals, too. I'm trying to use my bullet journal more! 

Have Bible time in the morning (getting better)
Stick to Trim Healthy Mama eating plan (yes, about 90%)
Take vitamins and glucosamine supplement (yes - and knees are feeling so much better)
Get at least 5K steps (lost sight of this goal)
Have kitchen sink cleared by Wheel of Fortune time (did pretty well, maybe 2 misses)
One Owl Obsession motif (found project back, but didn't start)
One Scrap Bin project (did well with this one!)
Finish one WIP (Aced it!)
One restock or best seller item (accomplished this!)
One Cotton Thread project (maybe 3 out of 4 weeks)
Use one pattern purchased but not yet used - DONE (Quinn)
1.5 sets of Mandala Madness (Almost finished with set 3!)
Reduce cotton thread stash by 8 ounces (Done)
Reduce overall stash by at least one pound (down 4 pounds!)

Week 1 - January 1 - 7
My Work-in-Progress Wednesday picture
2nd from the left is a Scrap Bin project
2nd from the right is a cotton thread project
Last one on the right is a pattern purchased but not used
One Owl Obsession motif - Oops, didn't do this one! 
One Scrap Bin project 
Another turtle from the scrap bin! 

Finish one WIP (Master's Blanket, Quinn Owl, Virus Shawl, Fish Hat)
Finished Quinn! 

One restock or best seller item  (scrap yarn turtle also counted for this one!) 

One Cotton Thread project (started Virus Shawl 1/1)

Week 2 - January 8 -14
WIP Wednesday
Rainbow Unicorn, Yoda, Fish Hat, Virus Shawl, Master's Blanket

One Owl Obsession motif 
One Scrap Bin project 

Patchwork Pup finished off some scrap yarn! 

Finish one WIP 

Finished the unicorn! 
Started "Mandala Madness"

One restock or best seller item - made a turtle
One Cotton Thread project - plugging away at the shawl 

This week's WIP Wednesday pic. Making progress on everything. Slow, but sure! 
Done with Yoda I am! (Also finished the pink virus shawl, but it needs to be washed/blocked.)
Looking over the month, I finished 21 projects, including four orders. I used up about 4 pounds of yarn from my stash, and a lot of polyester fiberfill, as the completed weight of all this month's projects comes out to a little over 13 pounds! 

GiGi the Gigantic Giraffe helped to make a significant dent in my scrap bins. She weighs close to two pounds! But, I went through my plastic pretzel jars of scrap yarn and pulled about a dozen large balls of pastel colors to finish her up, so my collection of scrap yarn nicely wound into cakes is still pretty big: 

The fish hat polished off some scrap yarn, too! 

I had fun restocking some best sellers like mermaids and turtles. 
January was a great beginning for 2018... 

Now, on to Fabulous February! 

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