Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fabulous February

January was a good month. I got a lot accomplished. I had fun with my new yarn winder. I maintained my weight loss. I took my vitamins and supplements, and my knees are feeling the best they have in years. Sales were lower than average (January is typically a slow month, with no craft shows. It wasn't my worst January ever, but fell below average sales), so I would like to step things up in February by doing more Etsy listings. Maintaining my weight is good, but continuing with my weight loss is better. I need to be more diligent in limiting snacks, and get back to the dreaded exercise...
Some of the projects I finished in January

So, here are some goals for Fabulous February: 

I frequent a crafting website called Ravelry. That's where I keep track of my yarn stash, my projects, my patterns, etc. During the Winter Olympics in February, they are having the Ravellenic Games, where you can win a virtual medal by completing tasks during the time frame of the Olympics. I will be "competing" in five categories:
Alpine Afghan (any size blanket)  - Cupcake Blanket - DONE

Sock Hockey (footwear)  - Slipper Design - DONE

Added bonus: these finished off about 8 small balls of yarn from my scrap box! 

Toy Bobsleigh (stuffed animal / toy) - One & Two Company CAL - Parker the Polar Bear - DONE - Finished 2/16

Aerial Unwind (undoing a project to reuse yarn) - frog pink sweater parts - DONE

WIPs Dancing (finishing a project started before Olympics) - Master’s Blankey lovey - DONE

Other CAL / Projects
Croch-Eh CAL - Lumberjack Moose 
Isn't this the cutest moose ever?

Finish sets 3-4 of Mandala Madness 
Working on the last row of set 3

Finish 3 Owl Obsession squares 

3 Butter Lambs for spring craft shows - (DONE - but 2 sold already)
Focus on getting in more steps / exercise - log 10 exercise sessions in February - oops, let this goal slide! Only got 1

List 28 new items on Etsy - DONE - and then some!
1. Pumpkin the Mermaid
2. Fifi the Mermaid
3. Little Pink Ninja
4. Green Cupcake Blanket
5. Sissy Squid
6. Butter Lamb (sold within 24 hours)
7. Bunny Cuddler
8. Butter Lamb 2.0
9. Chubs the Giraffe
10. Butter Lamb 3.0
11. Owl Basket
12. Blue Bunny
13. Green Owl
14. Sleepy Striped Owl
15. Soft Blue Owl
16. Multi-Color Owl
17. Butter Lamb #4
18. Penguin - Royal Blue
19. Penguin - Lime Green
20. Penguin - Peach
21. Penguin - Hot Pink
22. Penguin - Yellow
23. Penguin - Cornflower Blue
24. Master's Blanket
25. Parker the Polar Bear
26. Tissue Pouch
27. Horse Scarf
28. Dakotah Cowl
29. Purple Cupcake Blanket

Make enough scrap yarn projects to get two boxes & one bag down to one box! DONE
I would like to work this down enough that the bag on the left and box on the right fit in the middle box.
(This was going pretty well, until I pulled more colors to work on Chubs the Giraffe and added about six cakes of yarn to the collection!)

Chubs the Giraffe used up a bunch of scrap yarn!
This used up one cake of yarn from my scrap bin... but turned into a six-legged squid rather than an octopus... because I ran out of yarn with two legs to go!

Reduce stash by 2 pounds - DONE - even though I received two bags of yarn, and bought four skeins that got added to stash, I'm still down two pounds overall! 

2/7/18 WIP Wednesday

A ball of variegated sock yarn was calling to me to make an owl! 

Let the Games Begin! My five planned entries for the Ravellenic Games! 
Finished the Master's Blanket lovey!

WIP Wednesday 2/14/18
Mandala Madness, Mr. Moose and Parker the Polar Bear

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