Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Decidedly Different December

After cleaning the craft room for company in November, I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I’ve accumulated… unsold craft show inventory, so much yarn, so many patterns that I just have to do!
So, I want to try something different for December… weekly goals. Each week in December, I want to do the following: 
  1. Finish a WIP (starting the month with four: Tool Belt, Play Mat, Owl Coaster, Blanket Bear)
  2. Make one item with crochet cotton
  3. Make one item with variegated yarn
  4. Pull one skein from my Ravelry stash and make projects until I finish it off
  5. Try one new pattern
  6. List three items on Etsy
  7. Finish a Christmas present
Let's see how I do each week! 
Week 1 - December 1 - 7 (4 of 7 completed)
#1 Finish WIP - was working on orders, never got around to this
#2 Item with Crochet Cotton - Yes, manger set
#3 Variegated - I took a bag of variegated yarn to my craft show and ended up making 4 turtles! Two of which sold and didn't come home with me... but here's a picture of one I finished!

#4 Finish off one from stash
Random number generator picked this yarn for Goal #4

#5 Try one new pattern - working on a Nativity set (which also fulfills #2, as it is made with crochet cotton!)

#6 List three items on Etsy - Oops, not this week!
#7 Christmas present - Got busy with an order for three Christmas bulb garlands, and didn't work on presents for my own family... but maybe I can count this, because the order is a gift?

Week 2 - December 8 - 14 - Yup! 7 out of 7! Yeah!
#1 Finish WIP - YES! Tool belt completed!

#2 Make an item with crochet cotton - YES! Nativity Set #2 - already sold, too!

#3 Variegated Yarn - what else? Another turtle!

#4 Finish yarn from stash
I pulled this yarn, a slate blue.
And made an owl and a turtle.

#5 New Pattern - Making an elephant - DONE

#6 List 3 items on Etsy - DONE - Actually listed 7 or 8 items! Check it out!

#7 Christmas gift - 90% DONE - but it's a gift, so you don't get a full picture!
Full picture, now that it has been received! 

Week 3 - December 15 - 21 (7 for 7 this week! Oh, yeah!)
  1. Finish a WIP (Current WIP: Play Mat, Owl Coaster, Master's Blanket Lovey)
  2. Make one item with crochet cotton
  3. Make one item with variegated yarn
    Cute little turtle!
    In my Etsy Shop
  4. Pull one skein from my Ravelry stash and make projects until I finish it off
  5.  Try one new pattern.
  6. #5 Tried a llama pattern!
    In my Etsy Shop 
  7. List 3 items on Etsy 
    ...and an owl!
  8. #4 This is the yarn that Random Number Generator picked for me.
    It says "Hedgehog" to me
  9. Finish a Christmas present

  10. Made a hedgehog... (#4, can't get pictures in the right spot!)

Week 4 - December 22 - 28 (accomplished 6 of 7)
First... Finish a WIP (current list - owl coaster, Master's blanket, fish hat, Christmas vest #1)

Second... make one item with crochet cotton
I've made 5 of these in different colors...

Third... Variegated yarn
Done... I call her Taffy the Turtle! 

Fourth... Finish off a stash yarn
Random number generator picked this for my use-up... Red worsted weight.
Started Quinn The Owl with this yarn, but got side-tracked making Christmas presents.

Fifth... New pattern... done... see the blue coaster above!

Sixth... Three Etsy listings... yes, and more...

Seventh: Finish a Christmas present... yes, finished three more by 12/31, but can't show them yet!

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