Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Yup, in November I need to say "No-No" to my PHD (Project-Hopping Disorder) and focus on getting stuff DONE! I need to say "No-No" to buying any more yarn! All in all, there are 30 items on my list for November... but I have four craft shows, which may bring in custom orders and more items to replenish, so I need to hit the ground running this month! 

Finish up current orders
  • (20) cotton oil defusers 
  •  infant mittens with string
  • Custom Colors airplane
  • Mini Unicorn
No yarn purchases unless specifically needed for an order - Yup! 
Finish 2 of the lingering WIP:
  • tool belt / tools (tool belt done, needs tools)
  • farm play mat (3 squares done, do one more square, connect, add embellishments)
  • maroon cowl
  • scrap blanket  

Make Christmas sweater for granddaughter Done & Done! 
Make four (4) items to replenish items sold at craft shows: honeybee, tractor, gingerbread man, unicorn, fat cat, Pusheen unicorn - so many other items pushed these off the to-do list! 
Make a fancy owl coaster from the pattern I purchased on Etsy - started 11/28 - DONE

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