Monday, May 25, 2015

The June Penguin Pail

Here are most of the projects I made from the bin of yarn for my Giveaway challenge, filling the "Color Bag" category.
For April and May, I finished up my Penguin Pail before I ran out of month... so I guess I'll have to be a little more ambitious than ten projects. I came up with the idea to make up a looser list - a grid of twelve projects that should keep me busy for a month:

Here's an explanation of the squares: 
(Done - Zeke) Critter corner = one of my best seller stuffed animals, like giraffe or monkey
(Done - Mermaid) Fantasy land = mermaid, dinosaur or unicorn
(Done - Striped Owl) Scrap = anything that uses the small balls of yarn left after bigger projects

(Done - Bear, Turtle) African Flower = something using the new pattern I learned doing May's Fancy Owl
(Done - Sid the Squid) Variegated = anything using up variegated yarn
(Done - made a fancy owl) Rock the Croc = something using crocodile stitch
(Done - Pretty Pink Tractor) Vehicle = plane train, automobile, tractor
(Done) - Four Square = finish four squares of a specialty granny square for a blanket
(Done, with my "use it up" challenge) Color bag = 4 or 5 coordinating colors in a project bag, make stuff till yarn is used up
(Done - Twirly Bird) - Design = Work on a design idea
(Done) Minion - Anything Minion
(Done - Cupcake Purse) Purse - cute little kid's purse

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Some items will cover more than one square... for instance, I'm working on a new Minion design today, so that would cover both the Minion square and the Design square. When my daughter (who is far better with colors than I) makes up the color bag for me, it may be used for Critter Country and African Flower).

Even though there are twelve squares, I will end up with more than 12 projects, due to the "Color Bag" and "Variegated" options. For those, I want to use up the yarn, so I'll end up making whatever it takes to use up the skeins.

Okay, here goes...

First project finished - a pair of Mermaids. Technically  they  fit three categories: Fantasy Land, variegated, and scrap yarn. I will count them as Fantasy  Land.

Now, designing a vehicle. If you have ever seen Tim Hawkins sing Little Pink Tractor, you should love this one!

Tuesday 6/2 was a busy day, with time waiting during medical appointments and a lot of time in the car. Finished off two little projects that will qualify for the "Scrap" category.

Finished up my "pretty pink tractor" - but I want to tweak the pattern a bit. I got the texture I wanted on the tires, but my double crochet stitch lets the white stuffing show through. And the top of the tractor is supposed to be pink, too. This one fits the categories Vehicle, Scrap and Design... but I will count it towards Vehicle.

Zeke the Giraffe finishes off Critter Country
Owl made with the Crocodile Stitch

African Flower category - Turtle

Since I was having such fun with African flower projects, I made another one!

For the Purse category, I made a cupcake purse.
Cross Minion off the list!
Four Monester squares done

Here is Sid the Short-Changed Squid. He only has 7 legs, since I ran out of yarn...

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