Thursday, June 11, 2015


I found out this morning that I won a free pattern from Snappy Tots, so I'm celebrating my win by doing a giveaway myself!

One lucky winner will get a $15 credit toward any item in my inventory. The winner will be the person with the most points.

There are three ways to earn points:
1) Guess how many projects I will finish from the pictured selection of yarn. I gathered up about a dozen balls of yarn and partially finished skeins from around my chair and decided I was going to use them all up. I should end up with some interesting items! Some items might be bigger - some might be pretty small. I'm just making up items as the inspiration strikes. One item that I finished yesterday and another that I started yesterday will be included in the count, since they used the yarn in this bin.

So, If you guess the number exactly, you get 5 points. If you are within 1, you get 4 points. Within 2, 3 points. Within 3, 2 points, and within 4, 1 point.

2) You can make up to 5 guesses/suggestions as to what I make with the yarn. You get 3 points every time an item I make matches one of your guesses.

3) If you share this giveaway post, you get 5 points. (Please comment or send me a message if you share directly from this blog. I will be able to see when people share my Facebook post, but I don't think I will be able to see that from this blog.)

Guesses can be submitted here or on my Facebook page until Sunday, June 21st (get your guesses in before midnight that day).

Points will be tallied once all the yarn is used up.
So, here is the collection of items I made from the bin of yarn pictures above. 
Mermaid, Minion, four owls, a puppy, a bear, a slug, three donuts (only two are pictured, because I mailed one out as a gift), unicorn, turtle, triceratops, snake, TARDIS fingerless gloves, African Tree Frog, headband. 

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