Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Penguin Cup Cozy

Since my craft business is named "Penguin Place" (my Facebook shop is actually 1PenguinPlace because Penguin Place is a real penguin conservatory), I figured I really should have a penguin cup cozy to put on my coffee cup when I'm doing craft shows.

I worked up this pattern at my last show. Enjoy!

Penguin Cup Cozy
Size H crochet hook
Black worsted weight yarn (less than 1 oz)
Small amounts of white and orange yarn

With black yarn, make a foundation HDC of 32 stitches (You could also chain 34 and then do a HDC in the third stitch from hook and each chain, but I think that a foundation HDC gives more elasticity to your beginning row. If you don't know how to do foundation HDC, you can google it and find tutorials). Slip stitch in top of beginning stitch to join. Use the tail from the beginning of your chain to join at bottom of stitch also.

Row 1-11:
*HDC in first stitch, HDC around front post of next stitch* repeat around.

Alternating HDC with a front post HDC gives you a ribbed look.

With white, make a magic ring.
Chain 4, 12 Treble Crochet in ring. Pull tight, but don't join.
Work 5 DC around the post of the last Treble Crochet worked. Slip stitch in center. 5 DC in the chain 4 you began with. Slip stitch at top of chain 4. This makes two semi-circles at the top of your large semi-circle. Now you have a heart-shaped face.

With black yarn, embroider small dots for eyes.

With orange yarn, embroider a triangle for the beak.

Attach orange yarn about 2 stitches off-center. SC in 4 stitches. Chain 1, turn.
SC in 4 stitches. Chain 3, turn.
Slip stitch in second stitch.* Chain 3, slip stitch in next stitch.* Repeat to end of row. End off.

Repeat on other side, starting 6 stitches off center (that way, when you do your 4 SC, you end up with two blank stitches in the center between the flippers).

Weave in yarn ends and enjoy. The Penguin Cozy will protect your hand from too-hot coffee... but he prefers to protect you from chilly hands when you enjoy an Iced Coffee!

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