Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rainbow Sock Monkey hat for AG Doll

Somebody asked once "Why do you crochet?"

Jokingly, I said "Self-preservation! I need to make things to keep the yarn from taking over the house, and I need to sell my crochet items to pay for my yarn addiction." I have a tendency to be a bit of a hoarder, so if I'm not careful, my projects can overrun the house.

This week, in an effort to keep things tidier, I went out and bought myself a little table with 3 drawers. $17.99 at Ollie's.
I moved stuff from all around my chair into the drawers. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are in the bottom drawer. Buttons, various gadgets like pom-pom makers and measuring tapes are in the second drawer, and the entire top drawer is filled with small balls of yarn. When I first filled it, it was hard to get the drawer in and out, since it was overfilled. I needed to use up some yarn!

So... that got me on a stash-busting mission. I was watching a movie with my daughter (Grace Unplugged - great movie - I recommend it!), so I pulled out some bright colors, got Kit out for some measurements, and before the movie was over, Kit was sporting a new Rainbow Sock Monkey Hat! Now I'm working on the girl version... hopefully that will be ready in a day or two.

Rainbow Sock Monkey Hat / Doll Version

Uses Size H hook
Less than 1 ounce total yarn.
I had balls of yarn about the size of a large egg and still had yarn left over at the end.
2 small black button
white thread
yarn needle

Round 1: With Pink - make 6 HDC in magic ring. Pull tight, join.(6 stitches)
Note: you join each round, and start with either a chain two or initial half double crochet
Round 2: With Yellow, 2 hdc in each stitch (12 stitches)
Round 3: With Green, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc* repeat around (18 stitches)
Round 4: With Blue, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc in next two stitches*, repeat around (24 stitches)
Round 5: With Purple, *2 hdc in first stitch, hdc in next three stitches*, repeat around (30 stitches)
Rounds 6 - 11: With Gray, work even in hdc.(Don't end off... you'll start one earflap now)
First earflap: Turn, hdc in next six stitches.
Second earflap row:
HDC decrease over first two stitches, hdc in next two stitches, HDC decrease over last two stitches
Third earflap row:
HDC decrease over first two stitches, HDC decrease over last two stitches
Fourth earflap row:
HDC decrease over two stitches. End off.
Fold hat in half and mark off 3 stitches on either side of the fold. Work the other earflap on those 6 stitches.

With pink, work a SC in each stitch around, doing 3 SC  at the point of the earflap.

Cut a 24" length of each of the rainbow colors (pink, yellow, green, blue, purple) and pull through point of earflap. Fold over double and braid. Repeat with other earflap.

Chain 5 with white. SC in second stitch and next three stitches. 3 SC in next stitch. Rotate work and do 3 SC in the other side of the starting chain. End with two SC in same chain as beginning SC. End off, leaving a long tail to sew on.

With a double strand of pink, embroider smile.

Ears (make two)
With Gray, make magic ring. Chain 3 and make 10 DC in ring. Pull right, but do not join. End off, leaving long chain to sew on.

Sew ears to side of hat at the top 3 rows of gray.

Sew mouth to hat at the center front, close to the bottom

Using white thread and an X pattern, sew buttons over mouth, set closely together.

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