Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another fun hat... a Cabbage Patch Doll with curly ponytails

About six weeks ago, I learned a new trick... I made a hat where the ties were a long curl. They were made by making a long chain, and then doing 3 sc in each chain. I've been having fun with that ever since.

I made up a few scrap yarn hats in knit, and then put the curls at the top of the hat. That got me thinking... what if I made a one of my Cabbage Patch doll hats, and did these curls for the ponytails? Once the idea came to me, I just couldn't wait to try! I have a few special orders I should be working on, but I just had to try...

I didn't really use a "pattern". I have the Hat Sizing Chart below saved to my tablet... so I just start crocheting a basic circle where you add one more stitch between increases on each round. When my circle matched the measurement in the chart, I stopped increasing. When the length matched the measurement in the chart, I was done. This hat was made with worsted weight yarn and a size I hook, so it worked up quickly and is more stretchy than something with a smaller hook. Once you know the basics, you can make these in any size and color!

Round 1 was 8 hdc in a magic circle.
Round 2 - 2 hdc in each stitch
Round 3 - **2 hdc in first stitch, hdc in next stitch** repeat around
Round 4 **2 hdc in first stich, hdc in next 2 stitches** repeat around
Keep going, adding 1 more stitch between increases, until you reach the right circle size, according to the chart below. Then you switch to working even on the rows.

Hat Sizing Chart

When you are within one inch of finishing the hat, switch to SC and work the front half of the hat in loop stitch.

For the curls, join the yarn at the side of the hat around the fourth row from the top. Chain 20, and work back toward the hat, doing 2 sc in each chain. When you get to the hat, slip stitch to secure the curl, then repeat the process twice (chain 20, work 2 sc in each chain, slip stitch to hat). Repeat on other side of the hat. Tie curls together bit a bit of ribbon.

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