Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What? February Already?

In a way, I say "January flew by way too fast..." 

But then I look at my list of January resolutions and see that I made excellent progress. So I plan on another ambitious month for February, with an order to be finished at the top of the list! It would be great to clear away even more projects from my list of works in progress, make a dent in the growing piles of scrap yarn, and get up to date with listing items in my Etsy and Storenvy shops. That's why I make these lists... so I can keep coming back to them, and get motivated to keep plugging away at what needs to be done! 

1. DONE. Finish order of two Pretty Bunnies pattern link

One down, one to go! 

2. DONE Finish hay square for farm playset (at upper left in 2/1/7 WIP pic). I need to add a couple of rows of "uncut hay" and make a few hay bales.
2/1/17 WIP Wednesday - 4 projects in the works! 

3. DONE Start ocean play set with blanket yarn for base - well, I only said "start", so doing five minutes of work means I can mark it as done, right?
4. Maybe Finish off at least one pound of scrap-buster projects  - maybe. Did five or six scrap projects. I didn't really keep track of weighing them.
5. Diminish yarn stash by three pounds **I think I'm going to have to admit defeat on this one, as I sort of added about nine pounds of yarn to my stash when I cataloged all the yarn given to me (see #9 below)
6. Make another One & Two Company pattern that I purchased, but never used 

    (Duck, Rhino, Owl or Zebra Hood) - Nope, moved to March list
7. DONE Finish Molly the Unicorn CAL 
Finished, listed, sold and on her way to California!

8. DONE Finish dinosaur cocoon set (bright blue in 2/1/17 picture above. Needs spikes and matching hat
9. DONE Enter new yarn gift into Ravelry stash. I have enough yarn to last me for two years, if I don't buy / receive any... which is HIGHLY unlikely! 

Rather than move these from NY to MI, a friend gave me this yarn.

10. DONE Participate in the One and Two Company February CAL 

11. DONE List turtle, baby blanket and doll with shark hat in my Etsy shop

Making myself a pair of super cozy slippers wasn't on my list, but I'm so glad I made them! They are so warm and cuddly!

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