Monday, February 20, 2017

A Hundred Rabbit Trails

The past week was all about the bunny. I have an outstanding order for two "Pretty Bunny" dolls using this pattern. It is one of the most challenging patterns I've worked on in a long time. The finished product is adorable, but these take forever to make! Let's just say that if I charged the same hourly rate I make as an office manager, this little cutie would be over $300! The three-layer dress, shoes made separately, huge ears, sculpted face... everything about her just took extra time! So, when I finished up the first bunny yesterday, I knew I should get started on the second one... but when I spend so much time focused on one project, I get a bit burned out, and start looking for something new to start. My mind keeps going down other rabbit trails... so I figured I'd give you a little taste of my trip down the rabbit trails.

Second bunny is done! Time to start down some rabbit trails!

As I finished up the bunny, I put the leftover yarn into the basket next to my chair. I had about one ounce of the blue yarn for the middle skirt left over.

Hmmm... what could I do with one ounce of leftover yarn? Maybe a hedgehog? No, I don't think I have a fun fur that would go well with it, and the yarn is dark enough that the embroidered eyes and nose might not show up all that well. Well, it might make a nice pair of pants for a little BHBD (Big Head Baby Doll)... like another try at the plumber design I've been working on. Or a little teddy bear, like Sam the Teddy Bear from One and Two Pattern company. 

Oh, boy, One and Two Company. That's a dozen rabbit trails by itself! Her patterns are incredible! There are a bunch of her patterns I've purchased and haven't done yet. They're at the top of my list: Duck Lovey, Zebra Hood, Max the Rhino, Striped Owl, Farm Playset. Then there are the patterns I've made before, but want to make again... because they (1) were so fun to make... Willa the Whale, Moose/Reindeer, Snowman, Scrappy Puppy...(2) sold quickly... Gus the Tractor, Doris the Cow, a mermaid, or (3) use up a yarn I bought just for that project, or yarn that I have sitting around...Bob the Turtle, Nuru the Unicorn, Rascal the Raccoon...and then there's the new Riley the Tiger pattern that just got released, complete with baseball cap, baseball bat and baseball. Adorable! I want to make one! 

Okay, back to my chair... when I put the yarn away, I notice that there were a few mostly-full skeins that could be returned to "inventory" (my storage totes of yarn). Putting them away, I see skeins of yarn that remind me of projects I would like to do with them. That fluffy purple yarn would make a cute troll doll... the green would make a cute frog. That soft variegated yarn is just right for that hooded owl blanket that's making the rounds on the internet now (or I could get back to the brown toned one that I started when I first bought the pattern!)  That blue blanket yarn would be a great base for the sea friends playset. There's some skin-tone yarn that would make a great BHBD. I wanted to make one with a penguin hat...and one with a bunny hat...and one with a frog hat...and one with a Pikachu hat. Oh, Pokemon... I need to make up some more Pokemon balls for the craft show in two weeks... and replace the Pikachu basket that I had displayed them in before I sold it! And I could make fingerless gloves in red and white with the Pokemon ball on them... Oh, and Minion fingerless gloves always sell quickly. I even have that pattern for Minion slippers! Where was I? Oh, big head baby dolls! Somebody posted a picture on Facebook today about how she used the pattern to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... I should make a few of those! 

Oh, Facebook... that takes me down a bunch of rabbit trails! Cathy posted a picture of adorable unicorn stuffed animals. Must. Make. One. I won a free pattern for a Labrador Retriever lovey from a Facebook contest. I think my super adorable granddaughter could use a blanket that looks like her puppy friend Molly! Oh, and I just got a text message this morning where Aliya is cuddling a sock monkey doll. Maybe she should have a hat to match! Where was I? Oh, Facebook! Being in a group for people who make BHBD is dangerous...too many ideas floating around there! How about one with a Cookie Monster hat? Or an Elmo hat? Oh, I have some pink yarn left from the bunny that would make a cute pink dress on a doll! What about a ballerina? Or a farmer? Oh, wait! A scarecrow! Or a zombie... 

There are other Facebook pages that draw me in. The site that had the Pretty Bunny Amigurumi pattern has tons of free, adorable patterns. Oh, man, I want to make the Glamorous Monkey... and that little elephant that fits in the palm of your hand, Oh, there's a giraffe that has a heart on his belly! Sweet! There's a Hawaiian Minion! And some cute little foxes! And turtles that look like watermelon! 

And then there's Ravelry. It's a website for people who love to knit and crochet. You can look at patterns, keep track of your yarn / projects / patterns, make lists of stuff you want to make, chat with fellow crafters, etc. Definitely a place that produces rabbit trails... all I have to do is look at my Queue (patterns I've put onto a list to make later):
Cheeseburger Hat, Reggae Owl, Olaf doll, Funky Boots, Howie the Penguin, Penguin Mittens, Hi-Top Sneaker Slippers, Snoopy Doll...

One page (of five!) of my Ravelry library
Or I could look at my library of patterns I've downloaded: A pizza blanket, a cute owl that would work up fast, baby slippers that look ice skates, Southwest Cowl, Tigger lovey, Cool Shades Beanie (looks like sunglasses on the beanie!), Pippa the Penguin, Henry the Hound, Free Spirit Slipper Socks, Reindeer Hat, Baymax, Monsters Inc. Scarf, Chipmunk Hat, Purple Elephant, Big Head Baby Doll in a cute Holiday Hooded Cape, Fox scarf, monster truck slippers, Crocheted cupcakes, Minion in cap & gown, piglet lovey, seahorse, shark hat, Wonder Woman headband, valentine elephant, floppy bunny hooded cowl, Thomas the Tank Engine hat... so many patterns, so little time! Some patterns I've won through Facebook contests, others were free for a limited time. I just store them away in my library for times when I want to do something new.

And that list spins off other rabbit trails. The Pizza blanket makes me think of other adorable kids' blankets that I'd like to make with the thick chunky yarn that works up so fast and is so soft and cozy: there's an ice cream cone blanket, and a shark blanket, and a rocket ship! And a bumble bee and a dinosaur tail... I printed up a pattern for a panda blanket... and wondered if I could adapt it to look like a chipmunk blanket... Oh, well... ideas for those blankets are on hold until I get more sales, because the chunky yarn is expensive...

Oh, dear... before I go thinking about buying new yarn, I need to use up some of what I have on hand! 
Scrap Yarn Part One

Scrap Yarn Part 2

Scrap Yarn Part 3

Just looking around the house, there are bags and containers of scrap yarn. The leftovers from big projects tend to multiply like.... Rabbits! And that leads to more rabbit trails! What can I make with those leftover scraps? Hmmm... The Tiny Striped Turtle pattern is pretty popular. And when I've made striped snakes, they tend to sell well at craft shows. And there are some gorgeous granny square patterns at the Moogly website. I should make two squares a month, and by the end of the year, I would have an afghan! I printed out a pattern for a striped cardigan with super bulky yarn, figuring I could use multiple strands of scrap yarn, and actually make something for myself. Oh, and there's that ball of scrap yarn I was winding for a crazy pattern for a monster doll called "Inner Beast". I need to restock some catnip mice for upcoming craft shows... and my grandkitty really liked the catnip donut! I need to make a few more little monsters for the "mini critters" basket on my craft table. Maybe a few mini owls, I saw a pattern for a mini cat, too...

Well, there you have it! 100 rabbit trails! And I'm still thinking of a few others! In fact, I'm heading to the store to pick up two shades of cotton yarn to try out a design idea for a potholder...and that rabbit trail isn't even on the list! Let's see how many of these rabbit trails I can finish in 2017! 

1.       Hedgehog

2.       BHBD Plumber
3.       Sam the Teddy Bear
4.       Duck Lovey
5.       Zebra Hood
6.       Max the Rhino
7.       Striped Owl
8.       Farm Playset
9.       Willa the Whale
10.   Moose/Reindeer
11.   One and Two Snowman
12.   Scrappy Puppy
13.   Gus the Tractor 

14.   Doris the Cow
15.   Marina Mermaid
16.   Bob the Turtle
17.   Nuru the Unicorn
18.   Rascal the Raccoon
19.   Riley the Tiger
20.   Purple Troll

21.   Frog doll
22.   Italia Hooded Owl Blanket
23.   Brown Hooded Owl Blanket
24.   Island playset 
25.   BHBD Penguin
26.   BHBD Bunny
27.   BHBD Frog
28.   BHBD Pikachu
29.   Pokemon balls
Three hours in the car with just red & white yarn... made lots of ball half sections! 

30.   Pikachu basket
#30 - Pikachu Basket
31.   Pokemon gloves
32.   Minion gloves
33.   Minion slippers
35.   Cathy’s unicorn
36.   Molly blanket
37.   Sock monkey hat
38.   Cookie Monster BHBD
39.   Elmo BHBD
40.   Pink Dress BHBD
41.   Ballerina BHBD
42.   Farmer BHBD
43.   Scarecrow BHBD
44.   Zombie BHBD
45.   Glamorous Monkey
46.   Tiny Elephant
47.   Hawaiian Minion
48.   Amigurumi Today Foxes
49.   Amigurumi  Today Watermelon Turtles
50.   Cheeseburger Hat
51.   Reggae Owl
52.   Olaf doll
53.   Funky boots
54.   Howie the penguin
55.   Penguin Mittens
56.   Hi-Top Sneaker Slippers
57.   Snoopy Doll
58.   Pizza Blanket
59.   Sova Owl
60.   Baby Skate Slippers
61.   Southwest Cowl
62.   Tigger Lovey
63.   Cool Shades Beanie’
64.   Pippa the Penguin
65.   Henry the Hound
66.   Free Spirit Slipper Socks
67.   Reindeer Beanie
68.   Baymax
69.   Monsters Inc Scarf
70.   Chipmunk Hat
71.   Purple Elephant
72.   Holiday Hooded Cape for BHBD
73.   Fox Scarf
74.   Monster Truck Slippers
75.   Crocheted Cupcakes
76.   Graduate Minion
77.   Piglet Lovey
Not a lovey, a Piglet doll... Close enough?

78.   Aurora the Seahorse
79.   Shark Hat
80.   Wonder Woman Headband
Headband, dress blanket, doll... all set! 
81.   Tons of Love Elephant
82.   Floppy Bunny Baby Hooded Cowl
83.   Thomas the Tank Engine Hat
84.   Ice Cream Cone blanket
85.   Shark Blanket
86.   Rocket Ship
87.   Bumble Bee Snuggle Sack
88.   Dinosaur Tail Snuggle Sack
89.   Panda Blanket
90.   Chipmunk blanket
91.   Tiny Striped Turtle
92.   Striped Snake
Nearly 5' long! What a project! 
93.   Moogly square
94.   Bulky cardigan
95.   Inner Beast
96.   Catnip Mice
97.   Catnip Donut
98.   Mini Monster
99.   Mini Owl
100.                        Mini cat

First project finished after the bunnies...
A troll. Hmmm... I don't see "troll" on the list! The rabbit trails are multiplying!

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