Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Look out, June! Here I come!

Kenny Giraffe & Tutti-Fruitti Elephant
It's hard to believe it's June 1st already. June of 2016 has a lot in store for my family
  • Youngest daughter graduates from high school
  • Middle daughter will announce the gender of her first child (my first grandchild)
  • Oldest daughter will graduate from her hospital residency program
  • Hubby and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary
  • I hit 55 years old (which gets me the Senior Discount at Michael's craft stores!)

Since there is so much going on, I am trying very hard to keep organized... so that means LOTS of lists. Shopping lists, menu lists, to-do lists, project lists, custom order lists.

Putting some of my lists out in public view helps me to keep plugging away at them. I love being able to cross things off lists. Maybe that's why I'm loving the whole "bullet journal" thing!

June Must-Do items 
  1. Write long-overdue letter to uncle who isn't on the internet to see family pictures - DONE
  2. Make another mini-giraffe, taking good pictures to illustrate pattern
  3. Plan Grad party menu - DONE
  4. Shop for Grad party - DONE
  5. Survive Grad party - DONE
  6. Set up delivery for penguin mittens order - Contacted customer, no response. Will try again.
  7. Do a new giveaway on my Facebook page - DONE
  8. Use up bag of blue scrap yarn (starting weight 20 ounces)
  9. Restore craft room to guest room status (by June 8) - DONE
June Projects
Kenny Giraffe
  1. Kenny Giraffe - DONE
  2. Red/Purple Sock Monkey - DONE
  3. Sea Horse - DONE
  4. Plane 1 - DONE
  5. Plane 2 - DONE
  6. Plane 3 - DONE
  7. Soft Serve Cone - DONE
  8. Hungry Caterpillar cocoon set - DONE
  9. Shark - DONE
  10. Elephant - DONE
  11. Farm Mat Square 1 - DONE
  12. Veronica crochet-along - a bit behind, had to tear some out to correct an error
  13. Mini-Giraffe - legs are done...
  14. Owl Obsession square...haven't even started
Plane #1

P.S....It's a girl!

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