Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Penguin Pail Revisited

For a while, I got away from making up a list of items I wanted to accomplish each month. I think it was during the craft show season, October - December, when I was taking custom orders and kept bumping other projects out of the way. 

I started back up last month, making up a calendar for April with a checklist for tasks I need to accomplish each month (bills that need to be paid by a certain date each month), my current WIP (works in progress), and outstanding orders. I also made up a generic list of items I would like to do each month to stock up for fall shows... a Giraffe, a pattern from One and Two Company, an item from my Ravelry queue (my "oh, that's so cute, I HAVE to make it" list). 

April went pretty well. I finished some big projects, like this farm play mat.

So, I'm back with a "Penguin Pail" bucket list for May. My goal for this month is "clear the lists and start the second half of 2016 with a clean slate!" We'll see how those plans go...I have a craft show on May 14th at the Holland (NY) Tulip Fest. If I get any custom orders from that show, this list gets bumped! 

So, the list! 
1. Finish Penguin Gloves (custom order) DONE 

2. Finish red & purple sock monkey ("if you make it, I will buy it order, for October show) (started, but undid it, because it was turning out huge. Will try again in June with a smaller scale pattern)
3. Start Hungry Caterpillar baby cocoon set (order for baby due in October) - well, since I only said "start", yes, I did start... I printed out the pattern... DONE
4. Test translated pattern for mini-shark (written in German) - DONE!
5. Finish BB-8 doll (probably 50% done, but all the little medallions are tedious!) DONE!

6. Finish one Owl Obsession square - DONE

7. Try new Giraffe Pattern - DONE (well, close enough... developed my own giraffe pattern) (and had such fun that I made two more...)

8. Lose two pounds (in my yarn stash, that is!) DONE - started with 168, down to 163.6... as long as I don't do any yarn shopping this week! Final weight of stash... 159.8#
9. Finish projects in basket by chair so it's not overflowing - DONE
10. Pull yarn for a new farm play mat (for my craft show table) - DONE
11. Pull cotton yarn for Fish Scrubbies (another "if you make it, I will buy it" item) - DONE !
And the fish was so cute, I tried making owls too...

12. Update blog - DONE!

There is a giveaway coming in the next few days (it's there now!) on my Facebook Page. First I need to make the item I will be giving away. I'm going to make a hedgehog and name him Waldo. Then I will have a "Where's Waldo Going?" giveaway! I'm trying to come up with the base rules. So, keep an eye on my page!

Now, back to projects!  

Can't wait for a giveaway to get a hedgehog? There are five currently listed in my shop! <<< (clickable link to my Storenvy shop!)
(Oops, down to four now... Rocky is on his way to California!)
Baby shark, #4

The basket by my chair that I would like to work down!


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