Monday, April 27, 2015

The May Penguin Pail

But it's  not May yet! Yes, I know, but I finished my April list early and want to get going on next month! I will outline my basic list here.

Some of this  month's  patterns

1. Giraffe

2. Monkey (started 5/3)
Sketched out the color combos

Starting at the top of the head with his cute little curl.

3. Elephant

4. Puzzle ball - started 5/17, finished 5/19

There are three "puzzle pieces" that fit together to make the elephant

5. Fancy Owl

6. Owl bag (started  4/27)
Thursday night - at start of movie night.

Thursday night - at end of movie night.

Took the basic idea of the owl bag and downsized to a little girl purse... sorry about the picture. Finished late at night, and haven't had a chance to get some good daylight pics yet.

7. Minion Tissue box cover, design try #2

8. Plane - started 5/14 and ran out of fiberfill... should finish up 5/15

9. Car
 The problem with some of these projects is that they're so much fun, I want to make another rather than moving on to the next project...

Yup, made another one...

10. Minion Doll

So, there is the list. Some are from existing patterns, others done from pictures, others made up as I go along.

5/8 Update - so, the month is about 25% done, and I'm about 25% done with my list... on track! Hoping to finish up two projects this weekend!

5/10  Update - 1/3 done with the month, 40% done with the list. I'm ahead of the game! 

5/14 Update - Almost halfway through the month, and 60% done! Just need to finish Monkey, puzzle ball, airplane and Tissue box
8 down, two to go!

DONE Sunday  5/24

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