Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Stegosaurus "Rag Rug"

First came a rectangle "rag rug" made from a Free Pattern from Stiches n Scraps

I liked the way it worked up so quickly, and used up scrap yarn... so I adjusted a pattern for a chicken potholder and tried making chicken rugs: 

Then I saw a pattern for a stegosaurus amigurumi that was based on a half-circle, and the wheels started turning... 

And this was the result: 

I tried to write down my directions as I went along, so I could make another one... so here goes! 
I used 5 strands of yarn held together and a size 12 mm hook. I used about 18 ounces of yarn.

My approximate gauge was 5 stitches & 3 rows = 4", but gauge really isn't important. I even mixed up yarns... bulky, worsted, rug yarn... I really cleaned up some scrap yarn bins!

When I ran out of one ball of yarn, I tied on another... trying to replace a dark yarn with another dark yarn, a light green with another light green...

I sort of wish I'd done a row of SC in my ending colors across the bottom, so the legs would be the same color as that row... I also thought of making the spikes varying sizes... but those were afterthoughts, for the next dino rug! 

Row 1: 6 DC in magic ring. Pull ring closed, but do not join. You work back and forth in rows. I did a standing dc to start off each row, but you could start with a chain 3 at each row if you prefer. 

Row 2: 2 dc in each stitch (12) 

Row 3: 1 dc, inc, repeat around (18) 

Row 4: 2 dc, inc, repeat around (24) 

Row 5: 3 dc, inc, repeat around (30) 

Row 6: 4 dc, inc, repeat around (36) 

Row 7: 5 dc, inc, repeat around (42) 

Row 8: 6 dc, inc, repeat around (48) 

Row 9: 7 dc, inc, repeat around (54) 

Row 10: 8 dc, inc, repeat around (60) 

Row 11: 9 dc, inc, repeat around (66) 

Now comes the head: at the end of row 11, do 10 foundation half double crochets.
Turn and work back toward the body: 
Hold that last treble stitch up against the body and slip stitch to the stitch on the body it matches up with (for me, it was the third stitch up)

Slip stitch 3 more stitches up the body, then work back down the head
DC, DC, TR, TR, DC, HDC, HDC, SC, SS (Yup, only 9 stitches, leaving one stitch on head unworked)

Turn and work back toward the body: 
SS in first two stitches, SC, SC, HDC, DC, DC, TR, TR
Slip stitch to the body. 

Now we work on spikes across the body. sc in next 7 sc
Turn, SC dec, 5 sc
Turn, SC dec, 4 sc
Turn, SC dec, 3 sc
Turn, SC dec, 2 sc
Turn, SC dec, 1 sc
Turn, SC dec

Slip stitch down the side of the spike you just made. SC in the next 7 sc and as above to make another spike. Keep going until you've got his back covered in spikes. You might end up with a few blank sc at the end of the body. That's okay! 

Tail: chain 15
SS, SS, SC, SC, chain 4 and slip stitch back  (making a mini spike on the tail), chain 4 and slip stitch back down the chain, HDC, HDC, HDC, HDC, DC, DC, TR, TR
Finish off.

Count back about six stitches from the center of the bottom. Attach yarn and make 6 DC
turn, 6 DC
turn, 6 DC
Finish off.

Count off another 6 stitches from the center in the other direction, and repeat leg instructions. 

Tuck in yarn ends, and you're done! My stegosaurus rug measures over 3 feet from head to tail, and about 22" from top to bottom. 


  1. Increase (working 2 DC in one stitch)

    1. Thanks! Can you also post a picture of the tail? trying to figure out the tail spike :)

    2. I'm sorry about the delay in answering... it's been a busy week, getting ready for my daughter's baby shower. I just dug out the box of rugs from the bottom of the closet and got a picture, will add it to the post.