Thursday, August 3, 2017

Umm, when did it turn into August?

Wow, I just realized it's August already, and I hadn't posted a list of goals for the month! I guess that shows how crazy life has been lately!

My list for August will be simple. I'm trying to clean up around my work area (my recliner in the living room), and I'm getting way too many half-finished projects piling up. I need to reduce my WIP (works in progress) pile!

Finish 4 of my 7 WIP:
  1. Garden Shawl - DONE 
  2. Unicorn - DONE - But he's a pony, didn't put on the unicorn horn. 
  3. Farm Mat
  4. Giraffe CAL - DONE
  5. Horse CAL - DONE 
  6. Tool Belt
  7. Fancy Maroon Cowl
Reduce stash by 5# (Starting Point = 627 entries, 196.7#)
Well...I caved. I got a $100 Walmart gift card, and redeemed it online, getting about twenty skeins of yarn. So I am ended the month pretty much where I started! I'm down to 622 entries, but still in the same ballpark for total weight of yarn, 196.9#
DONE - Best best sales record for August (2014=$30, 2015 = $0, 2016 = $28; shouldn’t be hard to beat) Thanks to a run on chicken potholders on Etsy, I have a new record for August! 

Of course, there will be fill-in projects. Pokemon Go Balls seem to sell very well at the street vendor event I do on Thursdays, so I will be making a bunch of those. At tonight's event, I will have a bucket of water for a "try before you buy" on the reusable water balloons, so I may have to make up a bunch of those to restock! I have eight doctor appointments (including cataract surgery) in August, so my crafts-to-go bag with supplies for chicken potholders will get a good workout!
New project: vintage dress potholders

Had a request for a cat...

...and a dinosaur

...and turtles!

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