Thursday, June 1, 2017

The June Penguin Pail - A Baker's Dozen this month!

There is my list for June... Preparing for a show, working down my stash, trying to finally make something for myself, while keeping up with the healthy habits I'm trying to establish. Let's see if I can do this! 
  1. prepare price tags for 6/10 craft show - DONE! 
  2. finish/print “catalog” for craft show - DONE!
  3. make a dozen wool dryer balls for show - DONE! 
  4. make a Pikachu basket for displaying Pokemon Go balls - DONE! 
  5. Reduce stash by 5 pounds / Starting point = 624 entries, 204 pounds - DONE
  6. participate in the One and Two Company CAL - DONE with Joe the Puppy! 
    I also participated in the Happily Hooked Magazine CAL for a Scrappy Snake. It was supposed to be 41" long... I used two strands of yarn and a larger hook, and ended up with a 5-foot snake that makes a nice body pillow! 
  7. exercise 4x per week, get 10K steps at least twice a week (Week 1... 2x exercise, didn't hit 10K, closest was 6,998)
  8. Make myself a fancy shawl to wear over black sundress (never got around to it!)
  9. Make Snappy Tots Ribbed Towel using multiple strands of crochet thread - this got bumped by an order for 2 chicken potholders that turned into three orders and an Etsy listing for them! So I am done with doing a project that uses up some of the crochet cotton I received... just not the project I had planned! 
  10. Keep grocery shopping purchases to a minimum, to work down pantry stash - doing pretty well with this. Had one week where I was shopping hungry and bought too much! 
  11. Make crocheted water balloons from Bernat Blanket yarn in stash - 14 down, 6 or so to go (until yarn runs out!) - DONE (but then I got more Bernat Blanket yarn for my birthday...)
  12. Publish Honeybee pattern - DONE 
  13. Finish winding hank of yarn that is half-tangled on the dining room table - DONE 

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