Friday, April 7, 2017

It's April... really

Okay, this may be the latest in a month that I've posted my "Penguin Pail" list... shows how crazy April has been! I started out April sitting in the train station, waiting to take the 11:59 train (which didn't pull in until 12:25 am) to Indiana, to head up to Michigan to spend a long weekend with my daughter and her family, which includes my adorable little granddaughter, Aliya.

I got back home Tuesday night, and seems like life has been crazy busy since, trying to catch up at work, with tax stuff, with working on new, healthier habits, with life in general.

So, April will be a month of trying to get stuff DONE! Finish up a couple of orders, do the Crochet-Along challenge with One and Two Company, pull those "well, I got the first part done, but then I lost interest" projects from the depths of the craft room and get them DONE!

  1. Poppy Troll 
  2. One and Two Company CAL - Patch the Bear #1  
  3. One and Two Company CAL - Patch the Bear #2
  4. One and Two Company CAL - Patch the Bear #3
  5. Island Playset: 
  6. Hedgehog (order for May birthday)
  7. Dino Boy 
  8. Purple Plane - body done - finish wings (started during trip)
  9. Butter Lamb - just embroider nose and mouth finished and sold already! 
  10. Farm Square - Green
  11. Farm Square - Brown

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