Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello, August!

In August, I'm trying to get back to setting some goals and making daily progress toward meeting them. You see, I have a new obsession that threatens to push all my other projects aside... it all started about a week ago when someone posted a picture of an adorable doll in a free pattern group. I went to look up the pattern, only to discover it had been removed from that website. But... there was a note about joining a Facebook group dedicated to making those dolls. So I joined, found the pattern, and discovered that the Big Head Baby Dolls came in three sizes: regular, medium and mini. I pulled out some scrap yarn and tried my hand at a mini... loved it! Then I made another, and another....

One week later, and I've made five of the little cuties! I have so many ideas for color combinations, hats, themes... but I do have a few other items I really should be working on!

So, I set myself a goal to finish up four WIP this month:

  • Unicorn Purse (order) - DONE
  • Cupcake Blanket (gift for granddaughter due in October) - DONE
  • Mermaid Tail Blanket (inventory stock-up) - DONE
  • Penguin Mittens, version 2.0 (order) - 1/4 done with first mitten
Mermaid Tail Blanket - DONE! 

Oops, didn't make a full size doll, made a medium! 
I also made a list of six items I wanted to get made for craft show inventory. One of my customers said she will be shopping at my September shows looking for gifts for a one-year-old boy, so I need to make sure I have a few items that are more typical for boys, like my planes and cars. I also want to get a good selection of the Big Head Baby Dolls in stock, since they are so adorable, I think they will sell well. Here is my inventory-building list:

Cupcake blanket, done! 

  • Plane - DONE
  • Car - DONE
  • Big Head Doll - full size - DONE
  • Big Head Doll - Mini - DONE
  • Big Head Doll - Mini - DONE
  • Pokeball Cat Toys - DONE

I also set goals for participating in blog link-ups, Instagram photo challenges, and Facebook interactive posts. Since August is typically a very, very slow month for sales, I want to promote, promote, promote!

Then, after I had set all those goals, I got drawn into another challenge, a stash-down project. Like so many other crafters, I have quite the stash of yarn and other craft supplies at my disposal. This month's challenge is to:
(1) make one project per day that uses up scrap yarn from my stash. If you are following my Facebook page, you will be seeing lots of little projects like Messy Monsters, Mini Owls and more of those cute little Big Head Baby Doll minis!
(2) At least once a week, make a project that uses a craft material I purchased specifically for a project, but never got around to using... that polymer clay I bought to make my own ergonomic hooks, the beads I got for wrap bracelets, those bell ball cat toys I got to use as a base for crocheted toys, that pom-pom yarn I thought might make a cute hedgehog... you get the idea!
(3) DON'T BUY ANY MORE YARN UNLESS YOU GET AN ORDER THAT REQUIRES IT! (Sorry for the "shouting" caps. Sometimes I just need to get my own attention, especially when it comes to yarn!)

I have been trying to work down my stash, only buying yarn when I absolutely need it for an order. Well, in July I didn't quite stick to that resolution. There was an Estate Sale about two miles from my house. A friend who had been shopping there said there was a box of yarn, for fifty cents a skein/ball. I stopped by on my way home from work... found the box and took it to the front table to pay, hoping I had enough in my wallet. The woman at the table took a look at the box and said, "You'll take the whole box? $5! And take the box of fabric scraps in there, too!" So, I ended up with over 30 balls/skeins of yarn for $5. I also made a few trips to craft stores and picked up a few bargains... so my yarn stash gained about 8 pounds last month. I would like to see it lose at least five pounds this month!

So, those are my lofty goals for August! They look intimidating  in print, but if I keep chipping away at them, one day at a time, one project at a time, one stitch at a time, I can do it! I'll be posting updates on my Facebook Page and through Instagram

August 19th update:
2/3 of the way through the month, so I should have 8 of the twelve items finished, right? Only six... need to keep my focus on the list instead of playing with fun new projects! To my credit, I haven't purchased any yarn. (Originally typed "yearn". I must be yearning for yarn.)

August 30th update:
All done but the penguin mittens... the small needles cramp up my fingers, so haven't been working on them much. Hoping to have one done by tomorrow!

Plane... done

Big Head Doll, done! 

Pokemon Go Ball  cat toys - done! 


  1. You know there's just something about new yarn that just makes our crocheters hearts happy! It's SO hard to stay away from buying more! I know I can't quit buying more when I have tons already that needs to be made into things! ;)

  2. I think that box of yarn was a gift from God! You are being a good steward of your dollar! xxoo