Sunday, November 1, 2015

The November Penguin Pail

Wow, it's November already. This is going to be a crazy month! I have craft shows three of the four Saturdays, and will have company the other weekend! Craft shows usually result in custom orders, so I need to keep my list short this month.

Finish Spider! I have the body made, just need to finish the legs. Working on such a narrow tube isn't one of my favorite things to do... so I procrastinate.

Make Minnie Mouse Hat! The lady who wanted a Minnie Mouse hat for a one-year-old promised to be at my 11/7 craft show to pick it up. DONE

Make colorful fish lapghan. It's an out-of-state custom order, which I can send back with my Thanksgiving company, if I get it done on time! (started... bottom fin and first 6" of blanket)
About 8 more stripes to go. This will be an adult size blanket.

All the pieces done as of 11/24/15. Just need to sew them on!

Ten Catnip cat toys: this is a new category I want to add to my craft table. They will work up quickly and use up scrap yarn. Done - Made up a few catnip mice, too, and sold one at my last craft show!
8 Down, 2 to go.

Three Dryer Monsters - a new design I'm working on to use up some wool yarn.

Complete any custom orders that come in
Black headband - Done
Green Snake - Done
Purple striped snake - Done
Two Minions -Done
Two airplanes - Done
Mike W. Hat - DONE

New orders:
6 Catnip toys  DONE 

1 Infant Hat DONE