Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The September Penguin Pail

Okay, I aced August. Now, as school starts, Mom's Taxi service will be making more runs, I will be sitting in the bleachers for volleyball games, and fall craft shows start up. It's going to be busy, and  I will probably start getting orders that might keep me from finishing up items… so I want to clear my WIP. So, here is my "Penguin Pail" for September

  1. Finish horse scarf (just needs ears sewed on and mane added) DONE
  2. Finish tool kit (hammer and screwdriver done, pliers half done) -
  3. Finish Spider (just started head)
  4. Finish Dinosaur (just started head)
  5. Add price tags to the basketload of finished items DONE
  6. Add above-mentioned finished items to my inventory spreadsheet DONE
  7. Scrap Bag Challenge revisited - 2 pounds, 11 ounces of scrap yarn to burn through - DONE!
    Beginning of the scrap bag challenge
    Finished off the scrap bag with these!
    These three popped out of the scrap bag this week!
      September 10th, one third of the way through the month, and the bag is down to 1 pound, 14 ounces!
  8. Make another fish lapghan, documenting my work better so I can publish the pattern
  9. Sew button on Snowman cup cozy (last item that needed buttons sewed on sat on the table for two weeks) DONE
  10. Finalize details on commission for Owl Obsession order - colors, size, etc.
  11. Make Elegant Knit Crown for customer - DONE! 
  12. Develop new pattern for striped giraffe in a smaller size (first attempt was an epic fail, I ended up with what I am calling "Punk Pony")
September 30 update...
 Well, things got busy with a couple of custom orders. I ended up ripping out the work I'd done on the dinosaur (#4), didn't do anything with the spider (#3), and only got as far as the back fin with the new fish lapghan (#8). Customer is still debating colors for her Owl Blanket, but says she doesn't need it until next fall. So, all those projects will roll over into October, as I work on an order of fifteen mice and monsters for birthday party favors. Fall craft shows are beginning... so I'm hoping for a bunch of new custom orders! 

7 down, 8 to go in my "Of Mice and Monsters" order

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