Wednesday, July 2, 2014

And the winner is...

I rounded up my projects this morning for a picture. This isn't 100% accurate, since three projects were already delivered, and some of my own notes were so confusing (slippers? which slippers? I put in the camo slippers at the lower right, and afterward realized the slippers I finished in June were the flip-flop slippers I made for myself!).

I got ten guesses, from 9 to 100, averaging out to 38.5. The actual count: I finished 28 projects, using six and a half pounds of yarn (which I probably replaced in one shopping trip on June 30 - picture below).
22+ skeins of yarn for $15.23 when Savers had a 50% off day

My closest guess was 30...from my daughter Connie. Now, that doesn't seem fair...she knows me well, she is my Facebook friends as well as a fan of Penguin Place, and I e-mail or text her pictures all the time... and, she's my kid... she can come over and pick out stuff from my inventory any time! (Well, she lives about 7 hours away... maybe not any time...)

So, we go to the next closest guess, which was 23. Allison Marie is a fan of the Penguin Place Facebook page, and frequently likes my posts, so she just might have something picked out already.

What's up next for Penguin Place?

The Crochet Crowd is having a challenge, making an afghan of 20 squares of very different textures. To qualify for prizes, the afghan needs to have at least 7 colors. I picked out these colors from my stash: 
Blues, grays, purple and a pale yellow. The squares will be joined with off-white. I finished up one square last night, with yellow and gray stripes. (Sorry, forgot to take a picture!). I have until September 1st to finish up. I will be posting pictures of my progress on Penguin Place.

So, congratulations, Allison Marie!

Once I finish up this major project, I think I may run another giveaway like this! It was fun, and it kept the creative juices flowing!

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