Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review: Until We All Come Home

I received a free copy of the book, "Until We All Come Home" by Kim De Blecourt in exchange for my honest review. I was quickly drawn into the story of how the De Blecourt family went to the Ukraine, thinking that in a few months, they would be able to come home with one more child in their family. The Ukrainian spokeswoman from the adoption agency  said it would take a week to choose a child, then four weeks for the paperwork to clear and court date to be set, and then you return with your child.

The road to adoption did not run that smoothly, however. They ran into one dead end after another, just finding a child who would be a good fit for their family. They finally found Sasha and were able to get their paperwork approved to the point where they could remove him from the orphanage and shower him with love, affection and good care. He flourished... the adoption process languished. 

The corrupt court system delayed the case to the point where Kim's husband and daughter returned home, and she stayed in the Ukraine with the little boy they had re-named Jacob, working her way through the complicated web of paperwork and court appearances necessary to finalize an international adoption.

One aspect of the De Blecourt’s story that stood out for me was how God's love flowed through Kim. She stood firm through so many trials that would have made a person with weaker resolve turn around and hop on the first plan back to the States, with empty arms. Her love for Jacob and her resolve to "care for...orphans in their need" (James 1:27) was evident to people throughout the Ukrainian court system.  

This is the kind of book that really touches your heart, and I pray that it will be the final confirmation to families across the country that they have room in their homes and hearts for an adopted child. The road may not be easy, but the final reward is worth it! 

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